Main qualities that makes the model unique is being  Simple, Scalable and sustainable.



The WLR model is designed to be simply, accessible, and cost-effective, making it easily adapted to different cultural, linguistic, and socio-economic contexts.   

The model is simple because it only requires an adult who can read a child’s book. It uses an existing common public space e.g. the mosque or community center. It doesn’t need a bookshelf since all books are given out, requiring only a collection of books that are read again and again.  The woman who reads aloud doesn’t have to be highly educated and trained.  The model is flexible so that she can tailor it the way she sees fit to her culture and community needs



The simplicity and flexibility of our community-based model makes it very easy to scale up and spread, and the cause makes it ideal for the basis of a reading movement. 

WLR is achieving impact at scale because WLR is a simple effective product that appeals to its market of mothers and children. WLR depends on networks of women and men who already resemble a movement to bring about social change through reading. WLR aims to develop long term cultural change. WLR isn’t delivering services which need support systems, it’s creating capabilities in hundreds of local women enabling them to be creative for themselves. Organizations need hierarchs but movements need causes, shared values, common goals to pull them together and give them a purpose, reading is the means but the cause is to get young children to realize they can and should think for themselves.



WLR believes in “paying it forward” – we train community members to encourage the love of reading in children, who pass that love onto their peers and families.

The ambassador receiving training are required to “pay it forward”, by sharing newly acquired knowledge and training another ambassador to become a reader creating a domino effect. The WLR ambassadors are volunteers.  There is no cost incurred. Their incentive to keep reading is the credit they receive from the community.   The community starts to invest in the collection, building ownership and responsibility of the library.

WLR’s approach is low cost and high impact, and its grassroots approach makes WLR’s model very sustainable. Our entire model is built on this concept of “paying it forward” – we train community volunteers to encourage the love of reading in children, who then pass that love of reading onto their peers and families. Their incentive to continue reading comes from within the community – ambassadors take ownership over the reading program, and any credit for the program goes directly to them. We also empower our ambassadors to become social entrepreneurs in their own communities, allowing them to identify problems and create their own solutions independent of any outside organizations.