We Love Reading aims to positively impact youth and children throughout Jordan and the Arab world by creating a generation of youth and children that love

“We read for ourselves, our children, our community, our future” 

This is what we hear again and again from every person impacted by We Love Reading, whether in Zaatari, Jordan or Kule, Ethiopia.

We Love Reading provides agency to empower people to take control of their lives. Through our approach, We Love Reading distinguishes itself from traditional international development programs: our simple, scalable, and sustainable model gives ownership to partner volunteers and communities.

Through reading aloud to children on a regular basis, adults find a practical purpose, allowing them to overcome feelings of distress and boredom. For children, hearing stories provides hope and nurtures of a love of reading. We see reading as a way to fill the gaps until all children are served by proper educational systems. Reading aloud becomes the medium for communication between parent and child, as they recover from the trauma of war and displacement.
We Love Reading is a tool for alleviating mental stress, improving wellbeing and deepening resilience. 

We Love Reading libraries create communities that encourage and support reading for fun—impacting the culture from the ground up and developing committed change makers.

We Love Reading is an organic grassroots program and a sustainable solution for a worldwide challenge because it addresses the very essence of what makes us human… 

“I can make a difference… I only have to try…” 
- Rana Dajani 
Taghyeer / We Love Reading
Rana has a Ph.D. in molecular biology and is an Eisenhower fellow, a Fulbrighter, an Associate Professor at Hashemite University and the Founder of the first service learning center in Jordan at the Hashemite University, Jordan. She is also a member of UN Women Jordan Advisory Council. Founder of “We Love Reading”, she received the Synergos award for Arab World Social Innovators in 2009, a membership to Clinton Global Initiative in 2010, and the Library of Congress Literary Award for Best Practices in 2013, won the WISE Award and King Hussein Medal of Honor in 2014, and was named one of the 50 Most Talented Social Innovators in 2015.
Founder of We Love Reading initiative
Thursday, December 28, 2017 - 12:00