How To become A partner :Below are our partners and few stories about our partnerships


A new partnership started in April, 2016 between We Love Reading and the Norwegian refugee council (NRC) to conduct WLR trainings inside the Azraq and EJC camps.

We Love Reading started its training sessions inside refugee camps (Azraq and JEC) through partner organizations in May 2016. Life inside the Azraq camp is different from that of other camps where WLR works. In these camps, the refugees are already are supplied with their basic needs, but they cannot gather or express their opinions. The refugees inside the Azraq camp, on the other hand, live with conditions such as water shortages, a lack of electricity, and insufficient shelters, and these circumstances comprise another challenge for WLR.

At the beginning, we were told that the initiative would not succeed in the Azraq camp. Because of these difficult living circumstances, they thought that refugees would only be concerned with satisfying basic needs such as food, water, and shelter, and would not value entertainment or reading to children. Many of the parents do not even send their children to school because they see little value in education when they live in such bad conditions. This significantly raises the proportion of children that cannot read or write. Keeping these concerns and doubts in mind, WLR and its volunteers set off to prove the importance of reading to everyone, even those in extremely difficult circumstances such as the refugees in Azraq camp.

We held two training sessions with cooperation with NRC which were met with great success, to our surprise. During the first training, the trainees were between 17 and 30 years old and were very excited to start WLR libraries, and as we finished the training they started to speak to the NCR official to request permission to use their facilities and start WLR reading circles. The volunteers also read inside their caravans. After the second training, the trainees’ ages were between 40 and 55 ,and this training eliminated for the initial doubts about the success of WLR.

This project was one of the most successful projects. The refugees were very excited to emplement the program. You can read about one of our ambassadors inside Azraq here