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"We Love Reading visits refugee camps in Ethiopia"

We Love Reading, in cooperation with UNHCR and Plan International, had the opportunity to visit refugee camps in Ethiopia’s Gambela region this December to meet and discuss the implementation and impact of the WLR model in the camps. 

WLR Director Dr. Rana Al-Dajani and Project Manager Alaa Al-Zaghoul visited WLR ambassadors in the camps, giving them certificates and WLR kits that included books translated into English and Nuer, the local language of many Gambela refugees. Many reading ambassadors were happy to see books in their native language, which helps them to preserve their culture and language despite their displacement. WLR was able to train more than 40 reading ambassadors and visit active reading sessions. 

When asked about his reading sessions, reading ambassador Peter Gok said, “I usually don’t have to gather children for the reading session -- they come running to the session’s place once they see me walking toward the place holding the book.”