Since We Love Reading’s founding,  we have consistently partnered with top institutions to conduct rigorous research on our read-aloud program. We strive to assess its effectiveness and to continuously improve our approach to better serve our beneficiaries



Save the Children, in collaboration with Pearson and UNHCR: WLR has been chosen as a case study for the Promising Practices in Refugee Education initiative.

Brown University: Assess the influence of WLR program on children’s cognitive development during the critical preschool years. 

UNICEF and Qatar University: Evaluate the changes in attitudes of children towards reading and evaluate the willingness of children and their parents to attend school. 

Harvard University: Measure the impact of the We Love Reading program on the relationship between children and their parents.  

University of Chicago and UNICEF: Measure the behavior of children towards social inclusion by studying empathy. 

RTI: Measure the impact of the We Love Reading program on academic performance among children.

Saturday, December 29, 2018 - 13:00