Since We Love Reading’s founding,  we have consistently partnered with top institutions to conduct rigorous research on our read-aloud program. We strive to assess its effectiveness and to continuously improve our approach to better serve our beneficiaries



We Love Reading was introduced in Za’atari camp for Syrian refugees through a pilot project in the summer of 2014. A psychosocial study designed by Department of Anthropology at Yale University was conducted on the storytellers and children who attended the read aloud sessions at Za’atari. The results in the test of resilience taken by children in Za’atari are close to the results shown by children in the US who took the same test. Reading for children in Za’atari has strengthened their eagerness to return to school (there is a high rate of school dropouts in Za’atari for a variety of reasons). In addition, children learned to love reading and to think independently.

Partners: LitWorld, International Relief and Development (IRD), Yale University

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