Through WLR ambassadors’ journey with the kids, children ‘s stories and the neighborhoods where they read, those success stories are born.


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The book is the road for people who love life

The Story of a Two Happily Married Reading Ambassadors

2017/ Ahmad al abdulla and Majed Qasha’am / Azraq camp- Jordan We Love Reading started its training sessions inside the refugees’ camps (Azraq and JEC) along with partner organizations in May 2016. Life inside Azraq camp is different from that of other camps where WLR works. The refugees inside Azraq camp live in the midst of difficult conditions, including water and electricity shortages and unfit shelters, and these circumstances comprise an additional challenge for WLR. At the beginning, sources from inside the camp told us that the initiative would not succeed in Azraq camp because the refugees were mainly concerned with satisfying basic needs such as food, water, and shelter. They said the refugee community would not value entertainment or reading to their children. Many of the parents do not send their children to school because they believe there is no point of education when they live in such difficult conditions. This significantly raises the proportion of...

I Am a Reading Ambassador

A Chance to Pursue My Long Lost Dream of Being a Teacher

2017/ Amman- Jordan/ Linda Mujahed  “I always wanted to become a teacher, but I never had the chance to complete my education. I heard about a training for reading aloud for children and thought this could be a great way for me to be closer to children. I participated in the We Love Reading training and after a few weeks of holding reading sessions, I felt the difference within myself and my community. I felt how much these reading sessions affected me and the children in my area! Even their mothers are happy now! One of the girls named Yara said: “I love reading sessions, because Linda make us read sometimes, and unlike the teacher she does not scold me when I make a mistake while reading.” She added: “My friends always buy stories but I never had enough money to buy a story. I really feel thankful because Linda reads to us and lets us exchange stories without paying money! When I grow up I will build an orphanage so I can read to orphans and help them...

We Love Reading changed my daughter’s life!

We Love Reading changed my daughter’s life!

2017/ Ajloun-Jordan/ Hana Oriqat I am Hanan Oreiqat from Ajloun. I have four beautiful daughters, and three of them are deaf and use the sign language to communicate. The youngest has no speech problems at all, but she always used the sign language to communicate with others and refused to talk. One day, I heard that a training on reading aloud will be held soon in Ajloun (WLR training). I became excited and really loved the idea of reading for children in my area, including my own kids. I thought: “maybe this could help my youngest daughter to express herself better!”. I took the training and started reading aloud right away. After a few sessions I held, I noticed how much my youngest kid has changed. She stopped using the sign language to communicate with everyone, and no longer refused to talk. She expresses herself clearly and sometimes creates her own stories. Whenever we go to a stationary store, she buys a coloring book, colors the characters and names them,...

The hope of building a better future

The hope of building a better future.

2016/ Amman/ Faten Tahhan Me and my sister volunteer at a kindergarten in our neighborhood. One day, I found a flyer on the ground of the classroom, about a We Love Reading training. I liked the name of the training and thought this may be the program that me and my sister are looking for! We were concerned with how to make children love reading. My sister and I took the training, and the two days were the greatest days of my life! I finally found readable children books with nice text and beautiful illustrations. Fifteen days after the training we opened a library in the Syrian children’s club at the kindergarten. We started reading every Thursday, and the kids were thrilled about our weekly sessions. In the summer vacation we could not read at the kindergarten, so we opened a library inside our building. We invited the children of the building and the children of the neighborhood. Seeing Syrian and Jordanian kids join in one activity together amazed me.   They...

The Road to Giving

The Road to giving

2013/ Aqaba-Jordan/ Rana Sadaqa على قدر أهل العزم تأتي العزائم ...... وتأتي على قدر أهل الكرام المكارم وتعظم في عين الصغير صغارها ....... وتصغر في عين العظيم العظائم The words of Abi Al-Taieb Al-Moutanabi, one of the greatest Arabic language poets, brought many questions to my mind: how can I be a positive human in society? How can I change myself and change others? How can I change? Where do I start? Many questions resonated inside me, and I often tried to give myself a day or a season to put my desire for change into action, but that day always passed before I could take action. In November 2013, I was invited to attend a workshop about the art of reading aloud to children, run by We Love Reading in the city of Aqaba. I attended this workshop out of curiosity, and this curiosity was transformed to a question, ingrained in my mind. Can reading stories aloud to children transform a child’s negative behavior into something that would promote the revolution of reading? After a...

The Transformative Power of Education

From a non-educated to an educated person

2013/ Amman-Jordan/ Nabila Najjem I am Nabila Najjem, a housewife, a mother of six boys and a girl, and a grandmother of five. Unfortunately, I married early and could not complete my education.   I love making handicrafts and excel in creating them, thanks be to Allah. I attended educational courses and handicrafts making sessions at Queen Rania Al Abdullah Gardens, along with other women in the local community. This is when I first heard of We Love Reading and went on participate in a training held at its headquarters. Impressed by the initiative, I decided to start a practice to apply my knowledge. Like other reading ambassadors, I received a packs of books, mostly entertaining and educational stories for children of different ages. I began contacting kids in my neighborhood and invited them to read aloud sessions. The children gathered but we could not find a place to read. I approached the Imam at our local mosque, but he refused due to lack of approval from the Ministry...