Success Stories

Rawan, a volunteer from Amman says,” during a reading session, a butterfly rested on a nearby plant. I told the kids that this butterfly is here to hear the story. The kids were motionless, and time stopped for them. It was wonderful watching them in that state!” She also says that kids are enjoying the readings so much that they bring their own stories from home to be read to their peers.

Jakleen, a volunteer from Ajloun, was on a family trip in Ajloun when she saw a little boy taking care of his sheep. She offered to read him some stories. He agreed on the condition they stay near the sheep. He enjoyed the reading and agreed to have photos taken of him. We think this was the most random read aloud session ever!

Jakleen says that the kids suggested they make one of the stories into a play.

Khaled from Mafraq says that the kids ask to borrow the books and find a great joy in reading them at home.

Malek, a volunteer from Amman, is too busy with work and studying, so he has asked his mom to read aloud for the kids in their neighborhood. Now the children come knocking on Malek’s door to ask for stories outside reading sessions time.

A week before Eid AlFitr, Nour from Amman asked the kids not to come next week as they’ll be busy with Eid preparation. The kids came asking for a story anyway. 

Majd from Amman is reading twice a week in two different locations: once in a nursery and another time in a youth center.

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