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Arabic Book Program

We Love Reading received a grant from the Arab book program at the U.S. Embassy Amman. The Project proposes adapting an American novel into an Arabic children book with Illustrations. WLR chose two novels:

1. Ida B by KatherinHannigan

2. Bridge to Terrabithia by Katherine Paterson 

Project Description:

The Arabic Book Program (ABP) at the U.S. Embassy in Amman is responding to our MRSP to do more outreach for youth and children through focusing on translating titles for children and teens every year and donating books to school students in Jordan and the region. Additionally, ABP lead initiatives like training a group of university students on storytelling who went to various centers inside and outside Amman and read ABP translated American stories to children.
This project comes as a new and innovative outreach tool that brings together an American illustrator who can work together with a group of young writers and artists to create American classics in Arabic with illustrations and very simple and fun narration. The collection of these classics can be published and distributed to children in Jordan and the region.
Targeted readers are preschool children.

Project Plan:

1. Announce a competition in a number of WLR neighbourhoods to engage students in reading selected American novels and rewrite them in a one page narrative and send that to WLR by 

end of April 2012.
2. Take the best productions in Arabic by end of May 2012.
3. Host an international illustrator in Amman for a week to work with a group of local children stories’ illustrators and art students to produce illustrations for the selected stories during June 2012.
4. Edit and publish the collection of stories with illustrations with the help of a local publisher by September 2012.
5. Launch the books in a ceremony where the U.S. ambassador can recognise the different partners and students who participated in the project in April 2013.



Books chosen
1. Ida B by KatherinHannigan


2. Bridge to terabethia by Katherine Paterson

General Collaboration
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