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"Empower Her" Project

Taghyeer runs many programs, among them is the Empower Her project funded by LitWorld.

Empower her is a project that positively impact girls in the age of 14-16 throughout Jordan and the Arab world, by creating change agents, empowering girls to become community leaders and by creating a generation of females that love, respect and believe in themselves . This mission is carried through by training girls how to find their challenges and solutions as well.


Who can participate?
Youth girls between the age of 14-16 years old
Has interest in teamwork

Specifications of Project ideas:
To present a solution to one of the challenges facing youth girls
The idea can be applied in Jordan
Written clearly in terms of ideas and action plan
Participant can clarify the project by answering the following question: what is the idea of the project and how can it be applied?

Rules and regulations:
Participant has to attend the workshop
Each group presents only one idea
Coordination within the team is through the team leader

Project  stages:

Stage 1 (The workshop): finding solution for the challenge you have chosen to solve after the workshop and submitting a proposal in two weeks with the help of the mentors

Stage 2(proposal day and the implementation if the project): admit your proposal to the judges and then they will choose two projects to win and each group will take 500 Jd to apply their project on reality in one month (the other teams can join the winning teams in their project so everybody can benefit from the attempt )

Stage 3(Final day): general discussion on lessons learned and challenges overcome among all attendees ,Members, mentors and advisors will participate in the discussion giving feedback and advice then celebration will follow afterwards       




Empower her 1

Empower her 2