Empower her 1



The “Empower Her 1” is a group of 30 girls met on the 8th of July 2014 to present solutions to challenges in the community.
Two teams won and have a month to implement their solutions with the help of advisors.

My Park My Right: The girls decided to choose a run-down park and rehabilitate it in collaboration with the community living around the park and the mayor’s office in order to ensure sustainability. They are planning to hold reading sessions in the park. They want this park to be a role model for other areas in Amman.

My Arabic Language:The girls want to preserve the Arabic language and help preserve the Arab identity in the face of globalization and spread of the English language. They are designing t-shirts with slogans that they want to sell for sustainability. They are writing a play that they want to perform and film to start a campaign on social media. They also want to start a book club reading books in Arabic to spread language and heritage back to modern youth.