Empower her 2

The “Empower Her 2” is a group of 27 girls met on the 15th of June 2015 to present solutions to challenges in the community.
Two teams won and have a month to implement their solutions with the help of advisors.

Brief about the winning projects:

1-      “remedial courses for primary school students” (1st place group):

Their project was about children in primary schools that needs remedial courses.

They gathered around 15 child after renting a place to give the courses in, they divided the courses and each girl took a subject to prepare it and teach it to the children as the following:

Neremeen and Razan took the Arabic language courses, Danya and Nisreen: Math, Wala’a: English

They made a level exam for each child at the beginning and the end of the project.

2-“My teacher let me down, My teacher is my friend” (2nd place group):

This group was in Ajloon (a city north Jordan) their project was about the relation between the teacher and the students.

They made interviews with the teachers and the students each one alone. They met the Headmistress of the school to arrange the workshops for the teachers. Then 3 workshops were given to the teachers about the best way of dealing with the students.

They all (teacher and students) who attends assigned a paper that they called it “document of agreement” and they said when the schools starts they will share it with everyone