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Laila's story - Emirati Jordanian camp

My name is Laila. My husband opposed the idea of We Love Reading at first, but as I started having WLR sessions, he changed his mind and began to encourage me to continue. Today, I read to the children inside my caravan (the temporary building I live in inside the refugee camp).

The children love the reading sessions so much that they don't want to go back to their caravans, they just want to stay all day with me. One of the funniest things that happened is that during a reading session, one of the kids came with his sister. His mother asked him not to leave his sister alone, so he dragged her to the reading session and never let go of her hand. On a couple of occasions though, he go so excited from the story that he would jump up enthusiastically, but then immediately go back to where his sister sat. I am so happy that people love the WLR idea and encouraged me to continue having the reading sessions. Also, my friends have asked me to consider reading for the special needs children. At the beginning of this experience, I was tentative and shy, but now the situation has changed and I have begun to feel much more comfortable and confident with the children. Another wonderful memory is that once, after reading one of the stories, the children started to create riddles modeled after the ones in the book and ask each other. This is just an example of how much these stories spark the imagination and creativity of the children