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Global We Love Reading Ambassadors Network

On 17 August 2017, We Love Reading launched the Global We Love Reading Ambassadors network mobile app. This application is available to WLR ambassadors worldwide (iPhone and Android users alike) in an effort to facilitate monitoring and evaluation, as well as communication between ambassadors. With options like “projects”, “training,” “follow up,” and “news and announcements,” reading ambassadors will be able to report their reading sessions and the number of children who attended, as well as send in requests and success stories.

            The application will create a network of communication among all amassadors, allowing them to more easily track performance improvement and sustainability, and will give them access to information from the WLR staff as well, providing a well-established and functioning virtual community of practice. “I think this application is the best gift that We Love Reading can give to its ambassadors,” said Sara Shahin, WLR Regional Officer. “It will facilitate the communication between us – WLR team – and the ambassadors. They will feel enthusiastic to share their stories, which will help us reach more children around the world and make them love reading for pleasure.”

            This virtual community will allow for capacity building, data collection, and documentation, in addition to sharing and exchange of best practices of read-aloud sessions. It has already begun inspiring WLR ambassadors to get to know each other and learn from each other. As ambassador Asna in Za’atari camp said, “I can talk to a WLR ambassador in Argentina!”