We Love Reading’s libraries in Jordan:

We Love Reading’s libraries in Jordan:

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Sabreen's Story

Sabreen from Aqaba is a counselor in a school. She decided to read to the whole school. She reads around the week and uses her creativity to attract the kids.  One day Sabreen couldn’t read, and one child wasn’t feeling well that afternoon. When her teacher asked her what the matter was, she replied innocently, “I’m sad because no one took me to Miss Sabreen to listen to a story today!”

Fatima's Story

Fatima from Irbid challenged herself and attended a training on how to read aloud to children. Now she reads to over 40 children in her village. 

A Success Story for Umm Seihoon

Umm Seihoon, a Jordanian village near Petra, is an area that suffers from child labor, a problem that the government was unable to solve. Kholood, a volunteer with We Love Reading, reads there, and she attracts the kids to the reading session. She told us that one kid told his father that he could work on Friday, provided that he’s allowed to attend the reading session!


Nabila's Story

Nabila from Amman started reading aloud to her grandchildren because she felt responsible for getting them to love reading. After several sessions she decided to expand to nearby neighborhoods. Now her husband drives her to where she reads and waits for her until she finishes her sessions.