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Rana Dajani Speaks in PSUT

December: Rana Dajani was a speaker at the second social entrepreneurship forum at PSUT

The Khawater Program Films WLR Libraries

December: The Khawater program from MBC came to our Tabarbour we love reading library and filmed us to be part of the Ramadan program.

WLR training workshop at Remas.

November: WLR training workshop at Remas. There were 15 participants.

WLR training Workshop in Karak

November: WLR training Workshop in Karak on November 16, 2011

We Love Reading Is Going Worldwide!

August: We Love Reading is truly going worldwide!! WLR has been contacted by a lady in AzerbaiJanuary who wants to start a library there! Next, moving to Thailand, in Chaingmai (northern Thailand), Ratchaneeporn Kungwithher, her daughter and son started a library! Finally, a professor from Tunisia wants to start a library there in Tunis! Children all over the world are going to LOVE reading!

WLR in the Second AWSI Program

July: On July 7, 2011, Dr. Dajani attended and participated in the second Arab World Social Innovator (AWSI) program in Amman.

She met with the new social innovator awardees and shared her experiences with them.

To find more information about the Arab World Social Innovator award program, visit: http://www.synergos.org/socialinnovators/list.htm

WLR at the Better Mommies Summer Kids Festival

June : On June 24, 2011, We Love Reading set up a booth at the Better Mommies Summer Kids Festival.

There were many children and their families and everyone had a great time! Thank you to Better Mommies for inviting us!

Workshop by a Writer and an Illustrator

June: Writer Safa Omair and illustrator Lubna give a training workshop in Beit Baladna in Jabal Weibdeh on the 20th of June,2011.

Training Workshop for Teachers

June: Dr. Rana Dajani held a training workshop for a group of institutions' teachers in collaboration with the library My Wonderful World For Kids, sponsored by the Center of Marj al Hammam Orphans.

Teachers were trained to read aloud as storytellers, how to create a library in their positions, and to clarify the importance of the role of books in the person's life as well as to children in their communities.

WLR at the Youth Work

May: On 30 May 2011, volunteer Jasmine Medley attended the Youth Work: Jordan workshop to network with other organizations like the International Youth Foundation to help inspire and encourage the underserved youth of Jordan.

The connection between YWJ and We Love Reading will help to inspire Jordan's young people to have a greater stake in society!

New WLR Intern!

May: Jasmine Medley from University of Arkansas volunteers with WLR

Rana Dajani Speaks at TEDxDeadSea

On April 30, 2011, Dr. Rana Dajani was a featured speaker at TEDxDeadSea at the Kempinski Hotel Ishtar-Dead Sea.

Here she speaks about how her children inspire her, how We Love Reading began and the huge impact that service learning has on the global community.


Research in HU on Reading Wins First Place

2011: Student research in Hashemite University on reading wins first place on Nov 17, 2011.

A Workshop with Safa'a Ameer

2011: A free workshop with writer Safa'a Ameer winner of the Palestine Award for Children Literature, the young artist Lubna, winner of the children literature award for drawing for children's books and Denes who gave a training how to read aloud.

The workshop was on June 20,2011 in Bayt Baladna. This workshop was organized with the coordination of Tamer Institute in Palestine.

WLR in Jeddah!

2011: Hayat Qutub from Jeddah reads along with a group of friends in over 40 community centers in Jedd
ah and has developed a course for read aloud for university students.

The course will be delivered at Dar AlHikma Jeddah.


An Invitation to Speak at Wehdat High School

2011:We Love Reading was invited by INJAZ to talk to Wehdat high school children about social entrepreneurship and the importance of reading as part of the business leadership campaign.

We Love Reading Met with Georgia Tech University

2011: We Love Reading met with Debbie Pearson and Ragheda Nasserdine from Georgia Tech and discussed student internships at We Love reading.

WLR Training Workshop in Zaha Center

2011: We love reading has hosted a workshop for training how to read aloud and establish a library in your neighborhood at the Zaha cultural center in Amman from March 13-14 2011.

Denes Assad and Rana Dajani were the trainers.


Synergos Visits WLR

2011:The Synergos director Ferne Mele visited a read aloud session in the Yasmine neighborhood in Amman.

Rana Dajani has participated in the second Social Arab Innovators from Synergos, met the new winners and has shared her experience on social entrepreneurship.



2011: On July 16,2011 Kathleen Stokes from the WISE Qatar foundation interviewed Rana Dajani about we love reading, which entitled her to visit a reading session in Dahiet AlHussein mosque.

Training Workshop in Karak!

2011: Eight women were trained on how to read aloud and have opened libraries in Karak in November, 2011.

Training Workshop at the Zarqa Community Center

March: We love reading in collaboration with Ruwwad has hosted a workshop for training how to read aloud and establish a library in your neighborhood at the Zarqa community center in the Zarqa refugee camp on Marchch 8 and 16 2011.

Denes Assad and Rana Dajani were the trainers.