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Friends of Jordan

 We love reading held a workshop in Karak for 10 women of different villages, the CEO of Tagheer Organization and the founder of We love reading initiative Dr. Rana Dajani trained these women on how to start a reading program in their villages.

WLR Featured in a Book by Charles Leadbeater

WISE bookNovember: We Love Reading in the book: Innovation in Education by Charles Leadbeater. We are a movement! http://www.amazon.com/Innovation-Education-Lessons-Pioneers-Around/dp/9992194448

Dr.Rana Dajani Speaks at Clase- Mexico

ClaseOctober: We Love Reading is in Mexico City! Clase Education has invited Rana Dajani to give a Keynote speech on We Love Reading and other educational initiatives. 

WLR now in Al-Ain

June: A new WLR library will be opening in Al-Ain UAE!

Rana Dajani on the Council of Fetzer Institute

June: Rana Dajani was invited to be on the council for natural sciences at the Fetzer institute. The Fetzer institute promotes research on love and forgiveness. We Love Reading submitted a proposal for funding as a way to spread love and forgiveness among children through reading. Because when children read they learn to respect others and communicate better so the world becomes a better place with more love and forgiveness. www.fetzer.org 

WLR Working on Books about the Environment

 June: We Love Reading is working with Karen Asfour author of children's book Anzeh and the environment series. We hope to collaborate in writing many books in the future.

Workshop on Book Illustrating

Nadine illustrating

June: US embassy in Amman with cooperation with WLR are hosting

 international children book illustrator Nadine Wickenden between the 17th and 21st of June, 2012 to give a training workshop on children book illustrations to 6 Jordanian artists in the House of Tales and Music in order to draw illustrations for the books The Bridge to Tirabithia and Ida B that have been adapted for the Arab audience. 

WLR in a EuroNews Documentary

June: Euronews TV Channel did a documentary on We Love Reading. You can see Euronews on Nile sat. The program will be in three languages. We want to thank Coralina and Alain for their efforts. This will be the first program filmed in Jordan.You can see samples of their work at http://middleeast20.wordpress.com/nos-productions/    You can watch the film here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Voebn8hMvWY

Training at Remas


April: WLR training workshop on April 21-22 at Remas, Amman. We had 20 participants from Zarqa, Irbid and Amman. It was a great group. Denes from Palestine was trainer. Out of the group two are going to start a library in their neighborhoods. A group of the participants are teachers who are going to implement what they learned in the classroom.




WLR in the Jordan Desert!

March: We Love reading has been contacted by an imam from الموقر in the Jordan desert to start a library in his neighborhood.

WLR in Greece!

March: We Love Reading has spread to Athens Greece. Nikos Voyiatzis a librarian is going to volunteer with We love reading!

WLR with British Ladies of Amman

March: We Love Reading was invited to the British Ladies of Amman to talk the initiative.

WLR in Germany!

February: Wafa Al Qudsi in Germany starts a library in Germany! 

Rana Dajani Talks at the World Islamic Economic Forum in Malaysia

December: Dr. Rana Dajani was invited to give a talk at the World Islamic Economic Forum on Dec 4-6 2012 in Malaysia 


WLR Featured in a Documentary Film about the Fulbright Program

une: WLR are featured in a documentary film about the Fulbright program. Initial screening was held last week in the presence of Ambassador Kathleen Stevens. The Fulbright program is an educational and cultural exchange program that connects people throughout the world. Rana Dajani was a Fulbright student in 2000 and scholar in 2012. We Love Reading was featured in this new documentary about the Fulbright program as an example of connecting people across the world. Watch the video here: follow link

Rana Dajani Talks at the Queen Rania Teachers Academy Conference

June: Rana Dajani gave a talk at the Queen Rania Teachers Academy conference on May 5 2012. Over 100 teachers attended. It was a great meeting. Teachers were inspiring and inspired! It was the most attended and successful session in the conference.The Arab book program from the US embassy donated books to the teachers as well.

We Love Reading Is Working with Karen Asfour

June: We Love Reading is working with Karen Asfour author of children's book Anzeh and the environment series. We hope to collaborate in writing many books in the future.

WLR Training Workshop in Mahes

June: WLR conducted a training for women in Mahes on June 9, 2012. Three women trained. The training was coordinated with the help of Mona Soraimi from Peace Corps. Mona did a great job in making this training happen!The women from Mahes were wonderful, full of energy and dedicated. They will be starting two more libra


WLR at the Women's Leaders Circle

April: WLR was invited to participate in the Women's Leaders Circle (Synergos) at the Dead Sea.

WLR at a High School

November: We Love Reading at Ruqayyah Bint Alrasoul high school