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Julie's Testimony


To be honest I was looking for international organization, something like UNESCO or UNICEF but then I talk to my friend Amena and she told me about We Love Reading, so I decided to come here …I was thinking if I went to a bigger organization my work would be more structured and I would have more direction, but actually I enjoyed the fact that there was no structure at all! in that process. I really learned a lot because my previous experience has always been in research and scientific content, but now I learned how to make brochures, how to write proposals, make certificates, write newsletters and write Wikipedia.

I really enjoyed working with Dr. Rana. I learned that it is hard to get her direct feedback, instead you should first do it and then show her how to change it, and she has such a sharp mind. She’s surely my role model. There a very few women in my life where I feel like I really want to be that woman but when I looked at Dr. Rana I was like I want to be you.

After being here at We Love Reading for so long I see that this project empowers local people to help themselves. That is what makes this organization so unique. It makes local people rely on themselves instead of relying on the outside aid. And I think We Love Reading should have more people like me coming here. People with different visions and people who will take so much out of this place. I learned so much from working here, and living here in Jordan and having the full experience here was so great like We Love Reading (WLR) was part of it but also so much happened outside We Love Reading (WLR). I met so many friends, learned a lot about the Palestinian- Israeli conflict, and I became more interested to learn Arabic now! I feel motivated to come back and learn the history. That full package of experience is not replaceable and so valuable.