We Love Reading aims to positively impact youth and children throughout Jordan and the Arab world by creating a generation of youth and children that love

WLR provides a simple, sustainable, and scalable “read aloud” program to foster the love of reading for pleasure among children in the MENA region and globally, designed to give ownership to local communities through training local volunteers as “WLR Ambassadors.”
We believe in empowering and engaging our workforce, creating partnerships with key stakeholders, adopting excellence in our processes, utilizing technology, and ensuring continuous development based on scientific research. 

Our philosophy is based on the butterfly effect – the concept that small actions can have far reaching effects. We believe that just one person can make a difference, and that the contribution of each individual matters. Change is a collective effort – when each person participates, transformation unfolds. We recognize that lasting change takes time and view change as cumulative – what matters now is our effort, whether or not the results are immediately visible. Lastly, we believe in creating change because we want to – we work towards change because we have passion and we feel a sense of agency and ownership over the changes that we implement, and we want our ambassadors to feel the same way. 

  1. Children's rights
  2. Quality
  3. Inclusiveness despite gender, religion, social status, and ethnicity.
  4. Integrity
  5. Impact on respect, ownership and future generations
  6. Human centered approach


To foster the love of reading for pleasure among children.


“We Love Reading, under the patronage of Taghyeer organization, is an independent nonprofit organization that aims to foster the love of reading for pleasure among children, by implementing the We Love Reading program. Our program trains local men, women and youth to hold routine read aloud sessions for children in public spaces in their neighborhoods We Love Reading was founded in 2006 by Dr. Rana Dajani in Jordan, and has spread to 46 countries around the world, where thousands of We Love Reading libraries have been established.

The purpose of Taghyeer organization is to empower people to lead, be the change in their communities, and foster the spirit of entrepreneurship. Taghyeer strives to improve the cultural, social, psychological and educational level of children, young people, and women across Jordan by building their capacity to become change makers through hands on training, grounded in research and real life experiences.”