We Love Reading is a Jordanian non-profit organization focused on fostering the love of reading among children in Jordan and the rest of the world through establishing “a library in every neighborhood.”


Kelle Taha, PhD

Dr. Taha is an assistant professor at the University of Jordan. Her expertise is curriculum and instruction. She is the assistant director for foreign students affairs and foreign agreements at the University of Jordan, as well as a TOEFL coordinator, and assists the Jordan Ministry of Higher Education in development of the Jordanian Unified TOEFL exam.

In addition to this work, Dr. Taha serves as a consultant for Curriculum development committee at the American Language Center in Jordan, where she developed benchmarks and assessments for each level.  She is an instructor for adult intensive listening, conversation, reading, writing and grammar classes for many organizations in Jordan and internationally.

Dr. Taha has mentored generations of teachers and students.  Earlier in her career, Dr. Taha taught in an elementary school in Jordan.