WLR training modules are implemented face-to-face and online, for ambassadors and coaches. 


WLR ambassadors training 

WLR ambassador training focuses on training local volunteer men, women and youth on importance of reading aloud and how to read aloud. The training also builds capabilities in social entrepreneurship. 

All modules are highly interactive and constitute exercises with the participants


WLR training for ambassadors includes:

  1. A review of types of reading and statistics of reading levels in the Arab world and Jordan
  2. A detailed analysis on why is reading for pleasure important
  3. A detailed discussion on how can we encourage children to love to read
  4. An overview of WLR’s model and its goal to spread the love of reading among children with an emphasis on the important points that every ambassador should address
  5. A detailed discussion on the implementation of the We Love Reading model in the neighborhood, including choice of location, times and dates, how to communicate with children, parents, communities and how to think as a social entrepreneur
  6. A demonstration of a read aloud session with a children’s book
  7. A discussion of reading aloud and guidelines for successful sessions
  8. Read aloud practice in small groups
  9. Read aloud practice in a large group with continuous feedback
  10. Brainstorming session on the fears and hopes of the volunteers in starting their own WLR library and sharing challenges and success stories
  11. A detailed presentation of the follow-up activities and requirements from each volunteer

WLR online training 

We Love Reading offers a remote Online Training Program for volunteers who would like to become We Love Reading Ambassadors, but are unable to attend a WLR training in-person. The online training program train volunteers how to create their own We Love Reading Library, including units on finding an appropriate location for WLR read-aloud sessions, how to choose appropriate reading materials, other ambassador experience and tips for reading aloud, among others. Individuals who complete the Online Training Program will join a We Love Reading- Global Ambassadors Network (WLR-GAN). A network of over 3,000 Reading Ambassadors around the world.

Individuals may register for the Online Training Program here. Groups, agencies, and organizations can also choose to partner with We Love Reading to facilitate the online training for groups of individuals – for more information, please contact us.

WLR Coach training

We also offer a program for trainers, available to organization staff members, face to face. This training teaches participants to facilitate WLR trainings, and provides access to our training material and coaching consultations.  WLR will hold the Coaching training twice a year in addition to advanced trainings, held according to demand. We will implement a booster training after completing a review of materials.