Through WLR ambassadors’ journey with the kids, children ‘s stories and the neighborhoods where they read, those success stories are born.


The Road to Giving

The Road to giving

2013/ Aqaba-Jordan/ Rana Sadaqa

على قدر أهل العزم تأتي العزائم ...... وتأتي على قدر أهل الكرام المكارم وتعظم في عين الصغير صغارها ....... وتصغر في عين العظيم العظائم

The words of Abi Al-Taieb Al-Moutanabi, one of the greatest Arabic language poets, brought many questions to my mind: how can I be a positive human in society? How can I change myself and change others? How can I change? Where do I start? Many questions resonated inside me, and I often tried to give myself a day or a season to put my desire for change into action, but that day always passed before I could take action.

In November 2013, I was invited to attend a workshop about the art of reading aloud to children, run by We Love Reading in the city of Aqaba. I attended this workshop out of curiosity, and this curiosity was transformed to a question, ingrained in my mind. Can reading stories aloud to children transform a child’s negative behavior into something that would promote the revolution of reading?

After a week of participating in this initiative I started to think about another serious step for a project that promotes the love of reading. We started looking for a place in which we could launch this project and the first place to be selected was a place of prayer for females in the mosque of “Jaafar bin Abi-Talib” in the district of Al-Ramil. The project at the beginning included 20 children and later on, the number went up as high as 50 children, ranging from 5 year olds to 15 year olds. Reading sessions took place once a week for these children.