Through WLR ambassadors’ journey with the kids, children ‘s stories and the neighborhoods where they read, those success stories are born.


We Love Reading changed my daughter’s life!

We Love Reading changed my daughter’s life!

2017/ Ajloun-Jordan/ Hana Oriqat

I am Hanan Oreiqat from Ajloun. I have four beautiful daughters, and three of them are deaf and use the sign language to communicate. The youngest has no speech problems at all, but she always used the sign language to communicate with others and refused to talk.

One day, I heard that a training on reading aloud will be held soon in Ajloun (WLR training). I became excited and really loved the idea of reading for children in my area, including my own kids. I thought: “maybe this could help my youngest daughter to express herself better!”.

I took the training and started reading aloud right away. After a few sessions I held, I noticed how much my youngest kid has changed. She stopped using the sign language to communicate with everyone, and no longer refused to talk. She expresses herself clearly and sometimes creates her own stories.

Whenever we go to a stationary store, she buys a coloring book, colors the characters and names them, making a story from the coloring book. My experiences as a We Love Reading ambassador changed my daughter’s life!