Through WLR ambassadors’ journey with the kids, children ‘s stories and the neighborhoods where they read, those success stories are born.


Reading Turned Into Their Favorite Hobby

Our Reading Ambassador, Yman Al-Turman

My name is Yman El-Turman, a member of the Youth Parliament of the Ministry of Youth, the UNICEF Youth Advisory Council and an activist in civil society organizations. One day I knew about a training workshop on reading aloud to children, which will be presented by "We Love Reading" in my area, which is Khalidiya in Mafraq. I decided to participate in it. Through training, I learned how to read the best for children.

After a while, I was employed by the Khalidiya Society for Special Education, which deals with functional and natural treatment. The students of the society are children with motor disabilities, hearing disabilities and minor, moderate mental disabilities. Therefore, I decided to implement what I learned from the training workshop (We love reading) to delight children, motivate them and attract them to read. initially those who suffer from motor disabilities only and then decided to start reading to all the children in the association and found the welcome of the teachers engaged in dealing with children with minor and moderate mental disabilities, so we began to conduct reading sessions for deaf students through sign language by explaining the images in the stories, and after Reading sessions became part of the center's activities. I started teaching the teachers how to best deal with students who suffer mental disabilities and how to attract their attention. Today, with the help of teachers, we regularly read to our students, we notice that students' enthusiasm may increase day by day. Reading turned into their favorite hobby.