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Laith Kassisieh


A15-year-old intern, who is currently a student at King’s Academy. Before attending King’s Academy, Laith studied at the National Orthodox School. Laith is an open-minded, friendly and talented person. He enjoys playing the violin, swimming and tennis. In addition, he is passionate about math and science. Laith is also very supportive, curious and hardworking at all times. He decided to join the “We Love Reading” initiative, because he recognized that Taghyeer is a Jordanian-led organization that has proven extremely successful worldwide, hence he was inspired to support it in his own homeland. Laith hopes to engage and connect with the local community through “We Love Reading.” He also hopes to motivate and encourage children to have fun with learning. “I’m here because I want to make a change.” – Laith Kassisieh Location: Jordan