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Bushra Al-Souab


A rising 11th grader at King’s Academy, Jordan. She is one of the most if not the most passionate person you could ever meet. Born in Karak, she lived there for 11 years after which she moved to live in Amman along with her 5 siblings as well as her parents. She has a keen interest in outer space as she participated in Space Camp in Izmir, Turkey last summer. Her interest in the politics of the Middle East has motivated her to take part in the NIR School of the Heart, where Jordanian, Palestinian, and Israeli young leaders discuss the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in a peaceful setting that models coexistence. Furthermore, Bushra enjoys many leadership positions at her school as she is the Jordan Model Parliament president as well as the Security Council Forum president at her school. Reading plays a major role in inspiring Bushra every day and she wants to pass on that interest to young children of Jordan and the world, ‘because [she] believes that the children of today are the leaders of tomorrow,’ and there is no better way to empower them than by letting them enjoy reading. Location: Jordan