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Katerina Saleh


A rising junior and currently attends the high school of King’s Academy. Katerina comes from a very diverse background as she has lived in three different countries throughout her life so far – Greece, England, and Jordan. Being both half-Greek and half-Jordanian has helped her evolve into a person who’s always completely open to new ideas, new people and certainly new environments. Not only do she accept diverse lifestyles, values and mindsets, but also cherishes and embraces them at all times. She is a vibrant, cheerful and spirited person, who motivates those around her with positive thoughts and a bright attitude. She loves dancing, acting and playing sports as well as anything that is creative and fun. Katerina loves reading and believes that it is both a fun way to pass time and an educational means in life, as it expands and deepens one’s knowledge and even sparks one’s creativity bringing forth more innovation to life. Katerina is always ready to learn new things as well as support and help those around her. Location: Jordan